Summer Break and Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth out yet there are a number of factors to consider and summer break provides a great opportunity to undergo wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgery. While most general dentists can take out wisdom teeth an oral surgeon has the extensive training and education necessary to ensure your safety while undergoing this procedure.

Read on to learn what to expect and the benefits of getting your wisdom teeth removed in summer.

So, your general dentist in Durham says you need your wisdom teeth removed and you’re feeling a little apprehensive.

Here’s everything you need to know before you go in for surgery (and how to ensure a speedy recovery) so you can go into the process feeling prepared.

What’s the Best Time to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

  1. Before the Root is Fully Formed.

If the roots develop fully, it becomes way more difficult to do an extraction than when only the crowns (molars) have developed. Teeth grow from the crown down to the root, so if you get it done before the root develops, then the surgery is easier with less recovery time.

  1. During Summer Break.

For individuals who are likely candidates for wisdom tooth extraction, the summertime presents some real advantages with regards to scheduling. It may not be at the top of your list of “things to do” but there are ways you can benefit.

Benefits of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed In Summer-Break

The ability to avoid missing work and/or school is one of the main reasons summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule the removal of wisdom teeth. There are several other reasons why summer is the best time for this procedure, including:

More Time to Recover

While wisdom tooth surgery isn’t necessarily classified as “major surgery,” patients will likely receive general anesthesia and be required to take it easy for some time after the surgery. Most high school-aged kids will have far fewer responsibilities over the summer, reducing the risk of them missing too many days of school while recovering from the surgery. Adult students won’t worry about missing college classes during critical times of the year, and most working adults factor in some time off during the summer months.

Easier Scheduling

Summer is a good time to have wisdom teeth removed because most patients will wait until it is vital before undergoing the procedure. If timed correctly, individuals can schedule a wisdom tooth surgery, or a procedure for a family member, during the summer months when so many people are out of town. This makes it far easier to schedule the wisdom tooth extraction for the exact date and time that works best for the patient.

Better Control, Post-Surgery

Patients will be required to stick to a special diet for at least a few days after the surgery, which is far easier to manage at home than at school or work. Stocking up the house with the right soft foods and cool drinks can make recovery more comfortable. If a parent or guardian is concerned about the post-surgery diet for a child or dependent, they can keep a watchful eye on their “patient” while at home. The ability to take pain medications without having to worry about driving to school or work, or even staying awake during a class is another big benefit to scheduling the surgery over the summer.

No “Teenager-Push Back”

A large percentage of those who undergo wisdom tooth surgery are teenagers, which is par for the course when you consider the age at which wisdom teeth make their entrance. Since the recovery phase of wisdom tooth surgery often involves some significant facial swelling, redness, and pain, teens won’t have to be worried about what they look or sound like while recovering. Parents can also keep an eye on teens more closely over the summer, and take charge in administering appropriate dosages of painkillers as needed.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Oral surgeons use one of three types of anesthesia when performing wisdom teeth surgery. Local anesthesia is the method dentists use when giving a filling. You’ll be awake, but unable to feel any pain in the area being worked on.

Another sedation option is general anesthesia. It is inhaled through the nose and causes patients to lose consciousness. The surgical team will monitor medication, breathing, temperature, fluids, and blood pressure when a patient is under general anesthesia.

Most commonly, patients receive sedation anesthesia during a wisdom teeth removal surgery. The anesthesia is given through an IV in the arm. It suppresses consciousness during the procedure while a local anesthesia is used to numb gums.

Once a patient is sedated, the oral surgeon makes an incision in the gum to expose tooth and bone. All bone that blocks access to the tooth is removed. After the tooth is able to be maneuvered, it is removed along with any debris. Finally, the oral surgeon stitches the wound closed and begins work on the next tooth.

How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Surgery Take?

Wisdom Teeth Surgery Is Pretty Speedy and can be performed on one to four teeth. Obviously, that creates a variety of surgery lengths. However, the majority of time is spent preparing the patient and patient’s mouth. Extracting all four wisdom teeth usually takes around one hour.

About Your Durham, NC Oral Surgeon

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jelic contact our Durham, NC office today by calling (919) 419-9222. Our office welcomes patients in and around the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-Hill area.

Dr. Jelic is a board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with a Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical College of Virginia in addition to his degree in Dentistry from the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Dental Medicine.

Having completed seven years of combined residencies in Hospital Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and General Surgery, Dr. Jelic has achieved a remarkable understanding of the functional demands of teeth, facial bones and upper airway.

Before moving into private practice, Dr. Jelic was an Associate Professor in the UNC Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He also spent eight years caring for our nation’s military veterans and teaching residents, as Staff Surgeon at the Durham VA Hospital.

Dr. Jelic’s training and experience make him exceptional in managing facial and occlusal reconstruction and conditions that require an expertise in traditional oral surgery.

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