Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Every patient’s situation is different, which is why we have a consultation with you prior to the surgery. This allows us to present any possible costs upfront, and help you decipher your insurance benefits. There are a number of factors that effect the cost of wisdom tooth removal.

For example the type of anesthesia used (either nitrous oxide or IV sedation) will have an impact on final cost. We will discuss these options with you in the initial consultation to ensure your safety and comfort during the procedure.

Another factor to consider is whether or not any dental imaging is needed to assess the location and condition of the third molars. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, this can also play a factor in the total cost of wisdom teeth removal.

Factors that affect wisdom teeth cost:

  • Anesthesia Used
  • Dental Imaging
  • Number of Teeth Extracted
  • Level of Impaction

Does insurance cover wisdom teeth removal?

Many dental insurance policies include a benefit for wisdom teeth removal. Our staff will help you navigate your insurance benefits so that you can obtain the maximum benefit from your provider.

Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

If you are looking to have your wisdom teeth removed, call our office located in Durham, North Carolina at: 919-419-9222 to schedule a consultation.

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