Wisdom Teeth

Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Knowing what to expect following wisdom teeth removal can help ensure a smoother, faster recovery. When you come in for your consultations Dr. Jelic will explain the procedure and what to expect from the recovery process. After wisdom teeth removal it’s critical to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions, which are designed to minimize discomfort and risk

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Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Why See An Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Tooth Extraction There are a number of reasons to see an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction.  The most important factor to consider when undergoing any kind of surgery is the expertise and training of the surgeon completing the procedure. While a dentist can perform wisdom tooth extraction,

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Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal Every patient’s situation is different, which is why we have a consultation with you prior to the surgery. This allows us to present any possible costs upfront, and help you decipher your insurance benefits. There are a number of factors that effect the cost of wisdom tooth removal. For example

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