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Dr. Jelic removed my lower 2 wisdom teeth. He and his staff were amazing! He even called me later that evening to check on me. I’m really big on customer service, so that simple gesture made my day. 👍🏾👍🏾
David Riley
16:33 30 Nov 20
Wonderful, painless experience that was made even better by such a polite and professional staff. Thank you all.
Chad Hambric
19:13 29 Sep 20
Dr. Jelic and his team did an exceptional job. The office was sparkling and all COVID-19 precautions were followed at all times. They were great at communicating expectations and follow up care. Highly recommended.
12:57 18 Sep 20
Dr. Jelic, the nurses, and the front desk staff are absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable, caring, attentive, and polite.
20:19 28 Aug 20
Dr. Jelic is a medical artist…not only an oral surgeon but also a plastic surgeon. He took extensive time to explain treatment options for my snoring and mild sleep apnea. He is knowledgable, answered all my questions and concerns, and offered far more solutions than I imagined. He also has a calm demeanor and speaks with confidence which is assuring to me that he is the expert and most qualified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.
Paul Barth
15:26 26 Aug 20
Dr. Jelic and his staff were phenomenal. I had a fairly difficult wisdom teeth removal and I am so glad I chose someone with Dr. Jelic’s expertise. All of the nurses and staff that I interacted with were very helpful and friendly! I am also diabetic and they did a great job making sure to safely accommodate my condition during the procedure. I definitely recommend this practice!
Olivia King
18:44 13 Aug 20
Had a lengthy and difficult procedure at Dr. Jelic's office last week. The entire staff could not have been more knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and considerate. The procedure made me very anxious, and everyone worked hard to alleviate my anxiety. I was made to feel like I was the only patient for the day. Nobody looks forward to visiting the oral surgeon's office. That said, I can't imagine having been in better hands that day. Thanks to the entire staff!!
Mike Bradley
18:16 19 Jul 20
I couldn't recommend a place more highly for wisdom teeth removal. I had my upper wisdom teeth removed at a different office, and the difference between the two was night and day. Dr. Jelic and his staff are kind, welcoming, considerate and efficient. When I said on the initial scheduling call that I was in pain, they scheduled my consultation for the following day, then took the teeth out immediately after my consultation. Dr. Jelic was the most patient and kind dental professional I've ever met (and I've been to 6 different dentists this year). I needed my wisdom teeth out using local anesthetic only, and saw three different surgeons for consultations - Dr. Jelic was the only one who didn't try to pressure or scare me into IV sedation. He explained the procedure thoroughly and patiently answered every question I had. I have a vastly more positive memory of the 30 minutes it took him to remove my partially impacted lower wisdom teeth than of the 2 minutes it took to remove my upper wisdom teeth at a different dentist. I'll be recommending this office to anyone looking for an oral surgeon.
Sid Ratkiewicz
19:30 29 Jan 20
Recently had wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Jelic. Clean and inviting environment, friendly staff and atmosphere and was well taken care of from initial consultation through procedure, recovery and follow-up. Will definitely return for any future needs.
Rikki Oneil
15:52 17 Dec 19
This was by far the best patient experience I have ever had in any healthcare practice. Dr. Jelic and his staff were very friendly, welcoming, and informative in every visit. They provided fantastic education materials to prepare me for my wisdom teeth extraction, and walked me through everything I needed to know at each appointment. And maybe I was just lucky with how my 4 wisdom teeth were positioned, but I’ve had very little pain following surgery, and any pain I have had has been manageable with just ibuprofen. An all around excellent experience!
Lauren Halligan
16:20 16 Dec 19
Dr. Jelic and his staff have been so quick and productive with each visit. Dr. Jelic himself called me after getting my wisdom teeth taken out. My recovery has been great!
Michelle Peedin
23:52 14 Nov 19
We had a tremendously positive experience with my son's wisdom teeth removal with Dr. Jelic! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Jelic is talented and personable. The procedure went quickly and smoothly! I highly recommend this practice.
Ginger Ehmann
18:55 01 Aug 19
Both my teens had wisdom teeth removed here. Everyone on staff is warm and welcoming. Dr. Jelic is personable and professional. He made sure both my teens and myself got any questions answered. On the day of the surgeries, everyone was cheerful, helpful and supportive. I didn't have the best experience myself getting wisdom teeth out when I was a teen so it was wonderful to give a much better memory to my children.
R Volponi
22:06 20 Jul 19
Every single person there was so warm and welcoming. I've never had surgery like this before so I was nervous and they helped me feel calm. They made me as comfortable as possible. It went super quickly and was complete painless. They went above and beyond for us. They are the best! 10/10
Otseeme WolfBird
21:29 02 Jul 19
Dr. Jelic and his team are wonderful! After wanting a lip lift for a while I finally did it, and I couldn't be more pleased! Dr. Jelic's work is flawless. It's been 3 months since my surgery. The results are better than I expected: my top teeth show improved significantly, overall my lips feel more proportioned to me now. Everyone at the office is friendly and caring. Dr. Jelic is amazing, very honest about the results you can expect and very professional. I am so happy I found this office! Highly recommend, you'll be in great hands.
Roksana B.
18:34 25 Jun 19
Caring staff and prompt care My daughter had all four wisdom teeth pulled by Dr Jelic. He is very prompt and professional with his care. When I was concerned after hours he was very caring and polite. LOVED his staff. Everyone was friendly and attentive her my daughter's needs. Will use Dr Jelic for my next child.
Nikki Viola
23:19 11 Jun 19
I was very nervous leading up to getting my wisdom teeth removed, but the staff at Dr. Jelic's was there to calm my nerves. The day of went extremely smooth and recovery has gone well. The best part was if I needed them at any time after surgery, the staff made themselves available.
tony ferreira
16:53 21 Feb 19
Had a really great experience with wisdom teeth extraction. Everyone in the office is friendly, caring, and extremely professional. The waiting area for family during surgery was very comfortable as well. Would gladly choose this office again, but hopefully I will never have to 🙂
Stefanie Spain
14:29 19 Feb 19
Dr. Jelic and his team were wonderful through the extraction of my 4 wisdom teeth. Everything from my consultation to my surgery, I knew what to expect after talking with them. Surgery went very smoothly and recovery was a breeze. Thank you all again for making this such a smooth process.
Trent Per
20:01 31 Jan 19
My son had his wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Jelic recently. The entire procedure was over in about 40 minutes and my son’s healing process was remarkable. He only needed ibuprofen for pain relief and was back to normal in one day.
Susan Owens
14:45 10 Jan 19
Excellent practitioner and office. We found their care to be extremely patient-centered from the person answering the phone and scheduling to the nurses and the physician. They take their time, are compassionate in their care, and responsive to a patient's needs. We'd highly recommend their medical practice and can understand why our dentist recommended Dr. Jelic.
A Google User
19:13 29 Nov 18
The faculty is really nice here. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out and they took great care of me. They helped inform me before surgery and helped me after surgery. Great place!
A Google User
21:58 20 Nov 18
Patient care was great! The atmosphere and kind employees at this office provide a good sense of comfort throughout the surgical and recovery processes. Highly recommend... especially for wisdom teeth removal!
A Google User
15:26 20 Nov 18
I had my wisdom teeth removed. The staff at Dr Jelic’s office was friendly and professional. The surgery was easy and recovery was faster than expected.
A Google User
18:36 22 Oct 18
Everyone in the office is super friendly and professional, and the pricing is pretty affordable compared to most places. Overall, I would recommend 🙂
Spacey Layce
16:06 20 Sep 18
My experience from beginning to end was very positive. The office staff and Dr. Jelic are committed to excellence. My procedure went smoothly and the office followed up with me to make sure I was progressing well. I would highly recommend this practice.
Aleicia Bass
17:01 31 Jul 18
Dr. Jelic and his staff of highly qualified assistants we're top notch in the removal of all 4 of my 3rd molars. The process was was easier and less traumatic than I imagined.It was barely an hour! I only used over the counter pain medication for 24 hrs and ice packs. It's been 2 weeks since my surgery. I've had my follow up with Dr. Jelic and his wonderful staff. I was guided through the process of cleaning and caring for my wounds and continue to follow the prescribed post-op instructions. I'm not a gum chewer but i'm following the letter of the law as prescribed. I continue to clean and care for my extraction sites and remain pain free.
Kevin Stephens
20:07 30 Jul 18
Thank you to Dr. Jelic and his staff. Everyone, from the moment you walk in, is so kind and helpful. The atmosphere is tranquil and that is very much appreciated. My dentist recommended Dr. Jelic and I'm glad she did.
Ronnie Hackett
12:47 25 Jul 18
I came to Dr. Jelic to get my wisdom teeth and 2 baby teeth removed. At first I was scared but the staff did a very good job at telling me exactly what would be done and how I would need to prepare for it. They even went the extra mile when there was a miscommunication about what teeth needed to be pulled during my wisdom teeth removal, they offered to remove said teeth free of charge. I'm really thankful for them and would recommend anyone that needs any sort of teeth removal to Dr.Jelic.
Terry Fann
02:16 16 Jul 18
I would highly recommend Dr. Jelic and his team they are all very professional. Dr. Jelic did a dental implant almost six years ago and he continues to do yearly checkups to make sure everything is ok. Thanks so much Dr. Jelic and team.
Mary Tazewell
02:09 09 Jul 18
Dr. Jelic and his staff were so understanding, patient, and professional! I was very uneasy about having my wisdom teeth removed and they treated me with the utmost respect and empathy. From the times I called to the actual day of the procedure I felt like the staff there genuinely cared and did everything to ensure my comfort. I recommend Dr. Jelic's office for anyone looking for oral surgery!
Christina Gordon
19:29 29 Jan 18
Dr. Jelic and his team are very dedicated to doing the best work and making each person feel special. His training and professionalism, along with the personal and warm environment, make him the obvious choice if you should need an oral surgeon!
Genevieve Poppe
13:34 28 Jan 18
Very professional. Scheduling surgery was easy, everything went smoothly and I had very little pain compared to what I have heard from other people who had their wisdom teeth removed. Almost no pain after the day of my operation and only a little jaw soreness the following days. 11/10 in my book
Casey Jacobson
17:52 04 Jan 18
I was undergoing a complex treatment at Dr. Jalic's clinic which lasted many months. They were amazing and very professional each time not mentioning that the outcome was a full success. Its impressive how precise and careful they were in performing each task, the recovery period was quick and smooth. The equipment they use seems state of the art including 3D scanners/x-rays. I could only wish to have access to such a great doctor before.
Tomasz Wisniewski
13:25 18 Sep 17

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